Social Security Law

Social Security Law

Social security law is a complex area of ​​law. Not only benefit recipients (employees, self-employed, disabled, unemployed and elderly) come into contact with social security law, employers may also be interested or confronted with an additional tax claim or wage sanction imposed by the UWV.

Our lawyers are very involved and knowledgeable and can assist you in the objection and appeal procedures at UWV, municipality, court, Central Appeals Tribunal and the Council of State.

We can, among other things, advise you on employees with a disability and make a risk analysis for you with regard to a possible wage sanction or a recovery sanction from the UWV. We can also assist you if your benefit is refused or withdrawn, if the amount of your benefit has been incorrectly determined or if you are faced with a sanction decision.

Social security law is administrative law. The terms are fast. Please contact us quickly if you do not agree with a decision, a determination or a decision on objection, so that the correct action can be taken in time.

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