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De Koning Advocaten B.V.

Dubbelsteynlaan West 39

3319 EK Dordrecht

Postbus 9069

3301 AB Dordrecht

T: +31 78 630 00 00

F: +31 78 630 00 22

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Chamber of Commerce number: 23065700.

VAT number: NL009658129B01



De Koning Advocaten B.V. provides an extensive range of legal services, including advising and litigation in the areas of law described on our website www.dekoningadvocaten.nl.



Our hourly rates are determined on the basis of position and years of experience. These rates can be indexed annually. The rates are exclusive of VAT and are increased by a 5% administration charge.


With regard to the work carried out, an invoice will be sent at the end of each calendar month, unless the scope of the work is such that with an eye on the size of the invoices interim invoicing is desirable.


Invoices must be paid within 15 days after the invoice date.



By law, in certain cases law firms must, before accepting an assignment, check the identity of clients and report unusual transactions to a central authority (Bureau Financieel Toezicht, www.bureauft.nl).


General conditions, applicable law and competent court

All legal relationships are subject to the general conditions of De Koning Advocaten B.V. which are deposited with the court registry of Rotterdam District Court and can be viewed on our website www.dekoningadvocaten.nl. The general conditions will also be made available upon request free of charge. Said legal relationships are governed by Dutch law and disputes are only adjudicated by the competent court in Rotterdam.



The attorneys of De Koning Advocaten B.V. have professional liability insurance with AIG Europe Limited Netherlands, K.P. van der Mandelelaan 50, 3009 AP Rotterdam, which satisfies the requirements of its professional organisation.


Professional organisations/professional rules

The attorneys of De Koning Advocaten are registered with the Dutch Bar Association and are subject to the professional regulations (including codes of conduct) (www.advocatenorde.nl).



Dissatisfied with our services?

Our firm will do everything it can to serve you as best as possible. It can nevertheless occur that you are dissatisfied with a specific aspect of our services. An explanation is given below of the procedure you need to follow.


Our internal complaints procedure

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of our services or the invoice, you can present your complaint to our office. Complaints should be presented to the complaints officer, Mr A.F. Ammerlaan. If the complaint relates to a matter which is being handled by Mr A.F. Ammerlaan himself, you can present the complaint to Mr A.H.F. Kluwen, who will then act as complaints officer.


In consultation with you we will try to find a solution for the problem which has arisen as soon as possible. We will always confirm this solution to you in writing. Should our consultation nevertheless, in your opinion, not lead to a satisfactory result, you can present the matter to Rotterdam District Court. This is only possible after you have first presented your objection to our office. This path is open to you if our firm has not responded to your complaint in writing within six weeks after your complaint has been presented.


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